It’s all about being about what you’re about.

It's all about giving

Our philosophy is simple

If you start out by giving something meaningful to your audience, good things will bounce back.
Meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. Build solid relations one brick at a time. Share people’s stories and they will
share yours.


Our carefully put together team is always ready to take on whatever challenge comes our way.

But whether it’s a 360 integrated campaign or a tv spot, an idea isn’t worth a penny until it's out in the world. That’s why Animal is all about execution. From broad strokes down to the finest of details.



Brand strategy
Digital strategy
Creative strategy
Public relations




Art direction & Design
Concept development
Digital innovation


 Social media

Social Media

Community management
Content creation
Content plans
Community insights


 Research & Analysis


Industry insights
Digital analysis
Campaign reports
Social reports