Animal To Represent Edelman’s Swedish Clients

The partnership, effective December this year, means that Animal will be Edelman’s affiliate agency to represent the network’s Swedish clients.

The core of Animal is to be in constant change. We now have an opportunity to expand our offering by adding PR expertise into the mix. Our goal is to fully integrate these skill sets into our creative teams and processes, for all clients, both new and current. The aim is to offer more earned media that adds value to our client’s businesses on both a creative and strategic level, says Animal CEO and founder Henrik Palm Johansson.

Since its inception in 2007 Animal has grown to 40 employees, and the ambition is to continue growing organically. On the road to building one of the strongest creative studios in the world, the agency is on track to expand the team by an additional twenty positions – resulting in an ideal size for maintaining the core culture of the company, while being powerful enough to take on both local and global projects.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Animal in Sweden. It is evident from the quality of their client portfolio and from the work that they are doing for them that we should be a great fit” says Carol Potter, President & Chief Executive Officer of Edelman Europe, Middle East & Africa.

The partnership will strengthen the agency’s existing client’s positions internationally as they will now have access to Edelman’s global network.

“Like Edelman, Animal is still an independent agency, but with this affiliation we now have the opportunity to bring our work to the global stage. We’re thankful to the Edelman network for bringing us this opportunity and we have already hit the ground running. This influx of new talent and capabilities along with new clients coming from the network makes us extremely excited about the future”, explains Henrik Palm Johansson.

Animal currently works with some of the world’s leading brands across a number of industry sectors. As part of the affiliation, Animal will expand its roster to work with a number of Edelman’s global clients in Sweden.

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Written by Gustav Lindberg, Posted on 17 December 2018

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