Anna Fares joins Animal as a Production Manager

We’ve added some freshly squeezed brain juice to our ever-growing Animal team – say hello to Anna Fares, our newest Production Manager. It’s time we get to know her a bit better.

If you could teleport yourself to any place, fictional or in real life, where would you go?

With this opportunity, I have to dream big! So a parallel universe where there’s peace on earth would be the ultimate place to go to.

What's your weirdest hobby/interest?

I am really fascinated by languages. I analyze and listen in, and try to understand. I actually learnt arabic which I am quite proud of.

What inspires you the most?

Different kinds of relationships, friends and family. Open-minded people and no judgment makes me feel inspired.

Name a song you know completely by heart.

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls! It’s a really fun song to sing, although it sounds bad when I do it, and my son gets really embarrassed. It also has a deeper meaning in the way that Spice Girls promoted girl power in such a unique way.

If you could create your very own animal what would it be?

I would actually shrink one of the bigger animals, for example a miniature giraffe or a lama. That would be adorable.

If your body no longer needed any sleep, how would you spend all the spare time?

I would finally watch all my favorite tv shows and podcasts. And of course spend more time with my family.

Written by Karin Bergh, Posted on 9 December 2019

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