A big world for small listeners

For the launch of the app Spotify Kids, we wanted to put children in focus - for real. We decided to outsource our work to a group of young talents and let their imagination run free.

A musical playground for kids

Spotify Kids is an app focusing on young listeners, aged 3-7 years. The app is filled with inspiring handpicked content, such as pop hits, lullabies, and stories. it’s a tool for children to explore sound and they can safely use the app on their own or together with an adult.

A very creative creative session

When we started working on the campaign, we quickly realized that the best way to reach parents is through their children. So we decided that our communication should not only be inspired by kids, it should be created by them. By including them in the process, we could take advantage of their unlimited imagination and the genuine way they describe things and feelings.

We invited a group of kids to a creative session in a studio filled with meters of paper, crayons, and music, and let the kids play around while recording the whole process. The result became one of our most heart-warming and colourful campaigns to date.

If it’s good enough for the fridge, it’s good enough for Stureplan*.

*Stockholm’s very own Times Square.



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