A New E-com For a Bohemian Classic

We helped Indiska create a shiny new e-com with improved user experience and an updated design system that puts their expressive products in a better light.

Modern design inspired by a cultural past

With their radiant colors, patterns and energy, Indiska has been selling a unique blend of fashion and decor with inspiration from India over the past 110 years. So when asked to bring about their new international hub of e-commerce we drew inspiration from the best aspects of their brand legacy while keeping the design and experience fresh, cohesive and contemporary from a cross-channel perspective. 

A content focused approach

The implementation of a new and flexible design system and an improved information architecture did just not only result in a faster and more technically advanced site – it also made it easier for the editorial team to meet their customers in a much more personal and inspiring way whilst letting the products shine.

As the name suggests

As global mobile usage surpassed desktop usage already in 2016 and with the key insight that over 75% of Indiska’s traffic come from said devices, we adapted a mobile-first principle early in the development process to meet the majority of our users’ needs.


Art Direction

Creative Direction


Visual Design

User Experience Design

User Interface Design



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