Special launch of the Swedish Football Federation jersey

The Swedish Football Federation was in November 2013 just two games away from the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014, only Portugal was standing between Sweden and the one championship. During the first qualification round against Portugal adidas launched the new federation kit. 

To get the Swedish people to unite and show their support for the team, adidas and the Swedish Football Federation wished to re-define what it means to wear the Swedish colors. by a somewhat untraditional launch, we wanted to challenge and add edge to the supporter culture, while at the same time hype the new fed jersey. By using the swedish national players, local influencers and two solid partnerships, Inter Sport and The Swedish Football Federation as credible and effective voices we had our message break through; Show your true colors, shout it out and lead Sweden to the FIFA World Cup 2014.

By using a clear and true message, integrating all stakeholders in the campaign, activating all assets, both people and platforms we created a massive social echo, both IRL and online, resulting in an all time high sales of the federation jersey.


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