All The Way in 6 Seconds

With our concept Hela Vägen we show that Volvia’s car insurance doesn’t have to be boring to get people to listen.

A strategy for the long road

Volvo’s own insurance company Volvia wanted a new brand concept that would speak to the owners of both new and used Volvo cars. So we created “Hela vägen” (“All the way”), a campaign about an insurance company who cares, well…watch the 12 short films videos we made.

Too good to be false

So how could we communicate “Hela vägen” in a landscape ruled by short format – without having to cut down the creative idea? By drawing on an already proved format – the home-video format – each movie were produced with inspiration from real stories to feel as authentic as possible. All the way from the early 90’s Panasonic Super-VHS to today’s iPhone 7.

“Volvia cares. Not only about the new car, but the old one as well. Not only about the car, but about the people inside it. Not only about the people inside it, but the people around it. All the way, put simply. Since 1956.”

Reaching longer with shorter

Instead of having to do cut-downs, we divided the concept into 12 movies of 6-15 seconds from the start. Together, the movies complemented each other in telling the story about Volvia in a way that people wanted to listen to.



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