The best beer ad ever. Not.

Advertising alcohol in Sweden is notoriously difficult. If not impossible. This is due to the Swedsih ’alkohollag’ which prevents alcoholic brands from making any positive claims about their products what so ever.

So when we wanted to announce the arrival of the BEST Pre-prohibition type folköl on the market, the ’alkohollag’ posed a slight problem. But after about 643 emails with our lawyers, it turns out that the solution was right in front of us. Simply do what any child would. Add the word ‘not’ and voilà, problem solved. A perfectly, legally approved Swedish beer ad.

Our prints ran in leading Swedish lifestyle magazines Café, King and Nöjesguiden. Following up on readers perception of the ad, RAM-measurement showed a 50% better overall likability compared to competing brands in the beer category.


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