Running activation for Barilla’s social channels

Being one of the world’s leading pasta producers, Barilla has a genuine tradition of making their products with nothing but the best ingredients. Our mission is to communicate that mark of quality to the Nordic market, but in a way that matches the local culture.

Handling Barilla’s social media channels, we soon realized that the way of communicating pasta in a social context
is displaying it as beautiful as it possibly can be. And not primarily as a product on the shelf but rather in a pot or
served at a plate, combined with the rest of the ingredients of the meal. That type of photos and copy, with a Nordic, trendy and real tonality has become a huge success of interaction among Italian food lovers in social media.

The straight forward messages with photos and texts focusing on easy-to-make meals has become a solid allurement to reach the attention of the target group. The Swedish Barilla Facebook Page alone has in one year grown by 230% and average interactions has increased with over 300%, making it the most shared page of its genre in Sweden.


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