How a horse told the story of Com Hem’s fastest router

Swedish broadband provider Com Hem knows that high speed internet is worth nothing unless you have a router that can handle the speed. So back in January, they released a new state-of-the-art router, claiming to be up to four times faster than the competition. And instead of just claiming to be faster than everyone else, we decided to put the thing to the test. 

And to be honest, the most amazing thing about the Internet really isn’t the router. In other words, we had to spice things up a bit. So we took an open industry space, pulled in some blazing fast WiFi, and set up an experiment with all the usual router obstacles. You know, stuff like thick walls, bored teenagers, a hard rock dad and his loud-speakers, four dogs, a really tall basketball player, a really tiny car, and of course, a 21 year old horse.

In one end of the test space we set up two routers; Com Hem’s latest router and a frequently used, common router from the market. In the other end we put up two computers, measuring each router’s speed. Then, we filled up the test space, one object at a time. Starting out with an ordinary, regular interior wall, all the way to our four legged white friend, Faeton. After each object was put into place we tested the speed between each router and computer.

As the competition test router’s signal got weaker and weaker, Com Hem’s router had plenty of speed left, even in the end. With the WiFi-test we proved how to make proof bearing communication that demonstrated to the consumers the actual benefits of the product, rather than just making loose statements. All in a packaging that took it from being just an experiment to being entertainment. 



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