From thinking. To doing.

The story of Swedish entrepreneurship. Told by five heroes with great ideas and the will to make a difference.

A tribute to Swedish entrepreneurship

The Scandinavian bank SEB has a long story of supporting entrepreneurs. From their first nervous step to the great expansion. In good times, and in times of struggle. Through the years they have been witnessing the creation of technical revolutions and life-changing innovations, standing side by side with the entrepreneurs.

By telling the story of five different entrepreneurs and their ideas, we wanted to influence more people to follow their dreams and go from thinking to doing.

“It’s about challenging the image of a business owner. It’s about enabling more people to call the shots. It’s Swedish entrepreneurship. And we’re proud to play a part.”

The elevator pitch

All our entrepreneurs were featured in the anthem film, but they also got their own portrait – introducing them and their idea in 15 seconds.



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Creative Direction

Creative Concept


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