Don’t waste time

Time that you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time. That’s one of the founding principles of emerging street fashion brand Junkyard XX-XY – clothes that are made to make you live life, not worrying about the price tag of your t-shirt. 

Animal was tasked to build a marketing platform for the brand, and together with online store Junkyard we filled the tagline ”Don’t Waste Time” with a concept spanning from an overarching brand manifest to short movies picturing the ”Rules of engagement” for the brand — all telling the story of how the world not is the way people see it — it’s what you make of it. 

With its inception in 2013, XX-XY is aiming to bring both unique and affordable fashion into the daily lives to the free thinking minds of youth culture.


We’ve always been told to think outside the box.
But what if there is no box?
Well, let’s build one then.
But why build a box when you can build a fucking spaceship?

You see, yesterday I had a genius idea.
And today, that idea feels really stupid.
But sometimes the best moments are the ones that you sort of regret.
And sometimes there’s nothing to regret. Cause you don’t remember it.

Some might say we waste our time.
We think those people are wasting their time telling us.
Cause you know what?
The time that you enjoy wasting is not a waste of time.

So let’s get out there.
Let’s think outside boxes. Let’s build spaceships. Let’s rule the world.

Don’t waste time.


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