Let The Music
Listen To You

adidas go is a music app designed to track, enhance and encourage runners performance.

The beat of your own drum

Every runner knows the amazing feeling of when the perfect song comes on at just the right moment. When the music seems to flawlessly match your pace, giving you an extra boost with every stride. But what if we could remove the element of chance and create this effect with every song and every run? We asked ourselves: What if instead of listening to music, the music would listen to you? And so the idea behind adidas go was born.

Matching music to your pace

Together with long-time Animal partner adidas, we approached the folks over at Spotify. The result was an entirely new way to experience music while running. The first app ever to match your favorite music to your pace.

Under the hood

As most other running apps focus on collecting data such as kilometers, calories and speed, with adidas go we saw the chance of creating a fundamentally different. We focused relentlessly on building out one key feature; to track and match the runner’s step frequency with the music’s BPM. The app uses music from Spotify and your own preferred playlists to extract songs in similar genres and matches their BPM to your current step frequency. Underneath the ”UI hood”, a sophisticated engine was built to automatically take care of all the selection/timing/pitching magic making so that the runner would only have to press ”go”.

Creating a game-changer

adidas go set a new standard for how running apps in the future would be constructed, not only by registering the data users produced while running but using this data to deliver a completely new running experience. After launching in April 2015, it quickly became adidas fastest growing app to date. Soon after, the other big brands started using the same idea with combining running and music in the same fashion.


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