Make crypto boring

We let flashback trolls be our influencers

The most risk-avert people jumped on the crypto bandwagon years ago. But the large majority is more self-contained. Sceptical even. To them, crypto is still something risky and shady. It’s perceived more like a day at the casino than a way to invest your hard earned cash.

As opposed to similar services, Safello wants to convey that crypto is not a ‘get rich quick’ fix. Rather, it should play a role in your portfolio diversification as a small monthly investment. They want to be the voice of reason in a climate of chaos and overpromises — and working closely with the police to fight corruption.

And thus, the concept “Make Crypto Boring” was born.

In our first campaign, we thought it would be interesting to hear what the hardcore crypto dudes on Swedish internet forum Flashback had to say about Safello.

Not surprisingly, they hate Safello. There’s no place for regulation or moderation in the wild west. We let one of these enthusiasts become the voice of Safello — proving that one person’s negative is another’s positive.

Big shout-out to Dioz.



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