The Non Violence Torrent

Through torrent sites, 3D-printed guns are on the rise across the world. No wonder, They’re cheap, accessible, untraceable and near impossible to regulate. So how can we stop a spreading epidemic that won’t be affected by laws and regulations?

We proudly present The Non Violence Torrent.

In collaboration with the non-profit organisation Non-Violence, we created an initiative which aims to flood the 3D-printed gun market with blueprints of our own. Fake gun torrents containing 3D blueprints of the organisation’s logo – the knotted gun – have been uploaded to the most popular torrent sites. So when people are on the verge of printing a deadly weapon, they will meet a peaceful message instead.


We are also proud to be backed by superstar Janice as an ambassador and protector of the initiative. Not only is she the official voice of the campaign, but also, quite coincidentally has the Non-Violence symbol tattooed on her body. Listen to her latest tunes on Spotify.


Want to get nitty gritty on this one? Let Henrik walk you through it: +46 (0) 70 755 47 82 or


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