Cry No More

Picard, the French premium frozen food store, is on heavy expansion in the Nordics. Since the Swedish launch in 2013 the brand has opened 13 stores around the country, with plenty more in the works. At Animal we’ve worked with adapting the French concept onto the Scandinavian market, giving Picard a new look in everything from print to in-store material. 

However, with strong competitors like ICA, Coop and Hemköp, one of the biggest remaining challenges have been to truly differentiate Picard on the market. In a series of prints, we decided to showcase one of the products that really makes Picard unique – the chopped onions. In addition to massively reducing waste, they also have an obvious advantage – that you don’t need to shed any tears in the kitchen. The onions represented a range of products that could be found at Picard and nowhere else – giving us an exclusive angle on our communication.

So, well, the handsome people above aren’t crying because their Instagram posts didn't skyrocket to like-heaven. They’re weeping tears of hardship because preparing tonight's Bolognese required some serious onion chopping. And they’re certainly not the first to endure such grief for the simple pleasure of cooking. However, all this suffering could have been avoided with the pre-chopped, extra crisp frozen onions. 


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