Swedish launch of french frozen food concept - Picard

The French market leader for frozen quality food, Picard enters the Swedish market with its first store at Karlavägen, a main street in the heart of upscale Stockholm. 

While research showed that Swedes were hesitant to frozen food and would not even consider going shopping in a store filled with only freezers we wanted to challenged the convention, head on. To change the Swedes’ view of frozen French food we teamed up with one of Sweden’s most adored brands – the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. 

Together we created - Frozen from France. A sculpture just outside of the store made by six tons of ice, picturing Paris most beloved attraction - the Eiffel tower. Passersby could stop for a moment and enjoy the feeling of Paris through art and music. All lit in Picard-blue in the otherwise seemingly boring avenue. The attraction became buzz of the town within days. 6,000+ Picard ice sculpture pictures was flowing on Instagram and other social platforms, hundreds of bloggers and magazines praised the welcoming of Picard to Stockholm and swedes changed their mind about frozen food for good. 

The launch, won Food Store awards of the Year and now have numerous new stores in Stockholm and keeps on growing fast to reach the goal of 50 stores nationwide.


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