Putting Fans First

For the past years we’ve been working together with Spotify to bring fans closer to the music and artists they love.

No introduction needed

Spotify has since its launch transformed the way we listen to music. But it has also gone to reshape the way artists communicate with their audiences. As part of our ongoing partnership, we are constantly developing new and engaging ways to bridge that gap. From managing the Nordic market’s communities on social media to creating nation-wide campaigns spanning across all the bazillion different music genres out there, we are proud to work and grow alongside them every day.

A platform for discovery

If there is one thing that separates Spotify from their competitors, it’s the playlists. The feature let’s millions of user curate and share their favorite music. And with over 2 billion of them created, there are bound to be some crazy ones out there. In this digital and outdoor campaign, we shed some light on some of them to show Sweden’s non-users all the fun they’re missing out on.

Translation: To the person who created the playlist “Maternity leave 2017“ that starts with the song “Runaway train“, hang in there!

Translation: To you, who created the playlist "DON'T ADD BAD SONGS EMMA ONLY GOOD SONGS", tell EMMA about New Music Friday for inspiration.

Our bread and butter

With thousands of songs added to the platform every day and with the constantly evolving social media landscape, we approach our work with a fast-paced editorial mindset. Our social media team keeps a tight pulse on what type of content the community are looking for, ruthlessly evaluating and analyzing the performance of our posts to give body and soul to the Spotify product.

We invited some of Foo Fighters most loyal fans on Spotify to a secret gig in Stockholm.

Up close and personal

Content is king, but content can’t talk back. When someone wants to know about the latest drops or just straight up cancel their subscriptions, our community managers swoop in to save the day.

A crowd pleaser

Our different themes and posts always look to extend the music culture and bring fans closer to the artists they love. It could range from inviting top streamers to rare and intimate sessions with their favorite band or just keeping the conversation going within the community.

One family. Several individuals.

Spotify Family is not a plan for your average family. It’s a family plan built for all the individuals in your home. Individuals with different tastes, opinions and listening behaviors. We created a meme inspired concept with handcrafted animations, highlighting core benefits, to educate and drive consideration.

To wrap things up…

The “Wrapped” campaign has now become an annual end-of-year staple in which we take a close look at the wealth of user data to unearth weird or surprising listener habits and using them to comment on broader cultural trends. This year’s campaign ran in Denmark and was featured in both social, digital and out of home.

Translation: 29 hours and 46 minutes. The current length of somebody’s “Commuting“ playlist. Do you work on the friggin’ moon, or what?

Translation: 18.827. The number of people who streamed Anne Marie and Marshmallow’s “FRIENDS“ on Valentine’s day. Welcome to the friend zone!



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