Pain is temporary. Reebok is forever.

A couple of years ago Reebok began a new journey, powered by the foundation that once made it the world’s leading fitness company. As a symbol for the transformation, a new brand mark was created. An identity that quickly became symbolic for the thousands of people who live and breathe fitness. However, in the Nordics, most people still had no idea what Rebook stood for. We had to make a bold statement. A statement to place Reebok back on the map.

We turned to our fitness community for help, and opened up a pop-up tattoo studio during the Tough Viking obstacle race in Stockholm with only one motive available – the Reebok brand mark. Cause who could better tell the story about a brand, than the people that loves it? And also, there was one major perk - the one who made the biggest tattoo would land a yearlong sponsorship with Reebok.


The promo video

A total amount of 94 (!) people signed up for the tattoo but there was only time to ink 9. 24-year-old Camilla Nilsson really got the biggest one, and with her striking story she landed the sponsorship. As a tribute to her remarkable transformation we let up our canvas for Camilla to tell her own story in Scandinavias’s leading CrossFit magazine “Stark”. And the conversation took off again. But it didn’t stop there. We just couldn’t let those 85 persons without tattoos go empty handed. Therefor, this November we invited all of them to the Reebok Nordics headquarters in Stockholm for a day packed with fitness experiences, inspiration, and of course another opportunity to get their Reebok tattoo. 17 participants said yes and the number of known brand mark tattoos in Sweden increased to 28.

The follow-up video

Media recognition

Through Reebok Forever we rewrote the rules for how a modern brand can be relevant and truly personal and at the same time strengthen the awareness of Reebok’s new brand mark and what it stands for. We showed that we’re not just inspired by the fitness culture, but an integral part of it.



94 signed up for a tattoo, 
28 got it
More than 128 million media
Covered by major news outlets
in 24 countries
+2 million impressions in
social media


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