Chance for a valentine romance

Why not have exercising on the menu for your valentines date? Said and done, on valentines day Reebok together with Le Mills and Nordic Wellness opened up gyms in Swedens four largest cities for Valentine workouts. People signed up online to later on meet up and train together, as a positive alternative to regular valentine hangouts such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Everyone was invited, no matter if there person was single, in a relationship or just looking for new friends to workout with.


By targeting dating sites with valentine workout banners we encouraged singels in the target group to sign up for a valentine workout. Targeted invites was also sent out by Less Mills ambassadors as well as highlighted in Nordic Wellness and Reebok's social channels.

At people could find and book their training date one week before valentines day. The activity was a blast with fully booked training sessions and thousands of eager people hitting the site like-button just to show their support.


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