Show your progress in training and inspire others to get going

When getting back from the summer vacation, facing autumn, school, work and the everyday life can seem a bit uninspiring. That’s why we created Stadium – I am progress – A chance for you to get inspired by other ordinary people’s training progress and get going yourself. Via Instagram people posted a picture or video of their training progress, tagging it #IAMPROGRESS. Via the hastag, the post was automatically displayed at the Stadium campaign site – The more interactions, likes and comments people got to their progress posts, the larger the visual of it grew on the campaign site. The #IAMPROGRESS posts with the most interactions and creative excellence at the end of the campaign were awarded the prize of entering a Stadium store and grabbing as many training products they could carry.


The campaign reached over 400,000 people on Instagram and generated more than 100,000 actions in likes and comments on the #IAMPROGRESS submissions. The campaign did not only help position Stadium as the top choice for the right training gear, but it also showed how a sports retailer actually can affect an audience and inspire them to get going.




105,484 likes, comments and shares
58 sec average time spent on site
10,640 site visitors
1,945 user generated pictures


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