Stories A-brewin’ Since 1864

A good beer needs a good story. And good stories need good beer. Together with Eriksberg we’ve set out to find the most remarkable and genuine stories that deserves to be put in the limelight.

Not another history lesson

Sure, Eriksberg is a good story in itself. But after 150 years you get tired of only talking about yourself. So today, Eriksberg offers something more. Powerful and inspiring human stories to share over a beer. An aftertaste that lasts.

Intriguing, weird and inspiring

While we believe everyone has story to tell, we set out to find the most genuine and remarkable out there. From Berit, the die hard football loving restaurant owner to David, one of the worlds most appreciated, least know guitar makers. In our latest campaign, we tell the untold story of the brothers behind Fotografiska.

“It’s not the etiquette or the year on the bottle which brings us our character. When all is served and ready, it is the stories who tell us who we are.”

The metro map

A good story starts over the table. And your table is never far away. With this campaign we invited the Stockholm metro riders and Metro readers to create their own good stories over a beer and bite at their closest Eriksberg restaurant.



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