Svenska Spel's Poker shows there's more than one way of turning the cards

A wakeboard somersault, a volley shot from swedish national team football player Johan Elmander and music by Steve Angello are some of the ingredients in the commercial ‘The Perfect Day‘ for Svenska Spels Poker. 

The recognition factors of online poker commercial is often including a mystic mood, sunglasses in the dark, endless amounts of dollars and lots of palm trees. For Svenska Spels Online Poker, being the safe and sound choice for the online poker community we wanted to change all that. Our claim was to turn the view 180 degrees and show the perfect day in the life of an online poker player. Sure, it involves poker, and it's an amazing thrill but there is more to life than just winning it big in dollars, new experiences wait just around the corner and it's the mix of i all that makes it perfect. 

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