Take a shot for the UCL final at Wembley

adidas Swipeshot is an experimental aim & shoot football challenge, converting your smartphone into a gaming control letting the target group to compete for tickets to the 2013 UEFA Champions League final in London. 

By connecting a smartphone to the store wifi and visiting the URL adiswipe.com the phone instantly connects to the store screen and becomes a full-powered gaming control. Swipe the adidas football from your phone and hit the targets straight onto the store screen.

”Our target audience is definitely a tech savvy one. These football lovers have grown up online and just about all of them own a smartphone. They are keen on trying out new online innovations and the Swipeshot campaign will give them a real challenge, both IRL and on Facebook” - says Cecilia Juhlin, Senior Brand Communications Manager at adidas Football Nordic.


Want to get nitty gritty on this one? Let Henrik walk you through it: +46 (0) 70 755 47 82 or henrik@animal.cc


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