The Non
 Violence Torrent

In collaboration with the non-profit organisation Non-Violence, we created an initiative which aims to flood the 3D-printed gun market with blueprints of our own.

Easy to make, impossible to stop

Through torrent sites, 3D-printed guns are on the rise across the world. No wonder, they’re cheap, accessible, untraceable and near impossible to regulate. So how can we stop a spreading epidemic that won’t be affected by laws and regulations? It turns out it is near impossible. But we can make it harder for people to get their hands on the real thing.

Solving conflicts peacefully

The Non-Violence Torrent aims to raise awareness around the emerging issue of 3D-printed guns by flooding popular file-sharing sites with fake gun torrents. Our torrents contain a 3D render of the Non-Violence’s symbol – the knotted gun. Within 24 hours, the project was broadcasted in Sweden’s largest news outlets and was featured on some of the most influential sites in the global pro-gun community, exposing the other side to the message.

The instructions file embedded within the torrent.

Ambassador of peace

We are also proud to be backed by superstar Janice as an ambassador and protector of the initiative. Not only is she the official voice of the campaign, but also, quite coincidentally has the Non-Violence symbol tattooed on her body. Listen to her latest tunes on Spotify.



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