Meet the heroes behind Volvo

Who builds the best cars? Is it the Germans? The Italians? The Swedes? Or perhaps the Koreans? The truth is, it’s none of them. It’s all of us. Together.

Along with Volvo's lead agency, Forsman & Bodenfors, we launched Made by People - an homage to the true power of diversity. Because without the people brought together from some 50 nations, Volvo simply couldn't produce the world class cars it does today.

This is Volvo. Made By People.

Behind the scenes

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”We are making products. Not by certain, special people, but by normal people like us. We are not special. I’m a car designer but I’m no superstar. 
I’m just one of them.”

Jung Hyun Lee from Republic of Korea, Senior Exterior Designer at Volvo Cars

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