We Are Better Together

When Falcon, one of Sweden’s biggest beer brands asked us for a new, overarching and lasting concept, we created Tillsammans – a celebration of togetherness.

From the office to the bar

To introduce “Tillsammans”, we made two films where everything gets better together, from the office to the karaoke bar. In the actual bars, we turned the beer coasters into “interactive” puzzles and made the chips flippingly shareable. Last but not least, we transformed falcon.se into a fully responsive website communicating togetherness in all its forms.

A social animal

Falcon is ‘Tillsammans’. But Falcon is also an actual falcon. A wise and witty all-seeing force of nature. So what if we could see our own human nature through these 120-year old eyes? In a nature documentary spoof, we reminded the Swedes that they are social animals. And just like Falcon, better together.


people asking about David Attenborough


people confusing Falcon 
for an eagle

A social webshop

Working tightly with the Falcon social community, we know there is a real demand for throwing a barbecue together. Unfortunately, the world isn’t really designed for the individualistic Swedes to do things together. So we re-designed it. Produced it. And made it available for a small cost at the Tillsammans shop. Watching people literally buying “Tillsammans”.

Fresh off the grill

Barbecuing is a serious business in a country where summer only lasts a couple of weeks. Therefore, we created Falcon Eau de Grill. A perfume with the scent of barbeque – extending the feeling of summer for as long as possible.

A social social community

It’s fun to think Falcon and Animal started out as Facebook friends. From managing Falcons social channels, we have then grown to managing the entire chain of communication. Keeping our community close has been very valuable in ensuring relevant and consistent communication through all channels.



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Creative Direction

Creative Concept

Community Management

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Visual Design

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Communication Strategy

Social Strategy

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